Customized Food Art Workshop

…and so much more!

I’m Sekar Nareswari, and food art is my passion. I don’t just make unique designs with home-inspired food, but I also use my creative space to offer team-building activities, story-telling opportunities and another fun way for people to connect.

Using my creativity and psychology training, I will create a workshop module around your character.

Sekar’s Food Art combines character analysis and focused group dynamics with food art workshops.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

This is not just another food art workshop… this is your food art workshop!

What Food Art matches your personality?

What kind of food art matches your personality? This is for you only…well, you and me! Let’s get to know each other, just for the fun of it.  

Food Art of Children Book's Character. It is made from bell pepper, cucumber, egg, wraps, and quinoa.

Food Art

Fully customized food art for Commercial and Personal purpose.

Food Art of Women Empowerment. It is made from vegetables and fruits. Zwolle, Nederland


A unique, creative and personal workshop that brings your story into food art. This workshop is for adults and for kids.

Food Artworks that fits for you living room, dining room, kitchen and many more. Sekar Food Art, Zwolle, Nederland.


Food Art for you and loved-ones from Sekar’s signature gallery. We can also personalise your art and let your story be the base-line for your creativity!