Sekar Nareswari

Customized Food Art & Workshop

How do you feel to have a fully customized food art workshop for you & your colleagues or your friends?

A fully personalized food art activity that based on your needs, story, corporate theme or even based on your culture event!

Food Art from pumpkin, spaghetti and leafy greens. Woman from the back. Elegant and sexy back. Zwo.lle, Nederland

Also, you will experience happiness & joy when receive a fully customized food art’ print gift!

How do you feel when you receive a food art print’s gift that fully customized for you?

Food Art and Workshop is the call!


Sekar Nareswari

A food artist, psychologist & team building trainer.

Born Indonesian, living in the Netherlands & had expat life in Philippines.

With those experiences above, she wants to give you a unique, creative & personal experiences through food art actitivities & fully customized food art prints.

Think of my workshop like cooking workshop minus the stove and painting workshop minus the paint brush.


Think of my art like artworks that actually come from any basic ingredients you have in the fridge or from your favorite ingredients. It’s your story since the beginning of the making.

Food Art of Children Book's Character. It is made from bell pepper, cucumber, egg, wraps, and quinoa.

Food Art

Fully customized food art for Commercial & Personal purpose.

Food Art of Women Empowerment. It is made from vegetables and fruits. Zwolle, Nederland


A unique, creative & personal workshop that brings your story into food art. This workshop is for adults and for kids.

Food Artworks that fits for you living room, dining room, kitchen and many more. Sekar Food Art, Zwolle, Nederland.


Food Art for you & people you love from signature gallery or personalized food art based on your story

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Happy to know you,

Sekar Nareswari