Food Art, Workshop & Indonesische Catering


7 – 8 May 2022, Oude Gemeentehuis Nieuwleusen – Nederland

“Kunst om Dalfsen”.

Food Art and Workshop

Come with me,

I’ll show you Food Art from Fresh Food Ingredients!

It’s charming, personal & modern!

If you want to give a very unique, modern & very personal art prints for your love one, your colleague for her farewell or for your grandma or for you grandchildren.. let’s connect!

If you want to have fun workshop with food but not cooking, let’s join my food art workshop… let’s connect!

I’m Sekar Nareswari and giving spark to your life is my passion!

I make food art and I deliver food art workshop.

I also use my creative space to offer for customized food art print on plate or in frame.


Food Art & Workshop using fresh ingredients.

I make your portrait from food ingredients.

I use food ingredients to create an image of a things.

and YES! you also can do that too!

This is your food art, your unique food art.

You can make it yourself. 

Unique Food Art Prints Zwolle

This is not just another food art.

This is your unique food art.

Food Art Zwolle Nederland

Food Art

Food Art design as you wish. Personalized food art, a gift for your best friend, parents, a farewell gifts for your colleague, etc.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland


Creatieve Workshop for everyone, also for children! If you don’t want to cook but still want to have a “gezellig” moment and yummy food!

Indonesische Catering Zwolle

Indonesische Catering

Als je geen zin hebt om te koken, maar toch lekker kunt eten!

Ik kook voor een mooi en lekker eten voor je!

Food Art Zwolle Nederland
Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland