Let me introduce myself!

Sekar Food Art

Who is behind this Unique Food Art Print?

Me, Sekar Nareswari. This fun, quirky creative woman who loves to meet new people and stay connected with them.

Fresh ingredients is one of my favorite things in this world. This is the reason I find it difficult to plan a weekly meal because I tend to buy fresh ingredients and cook them right away.

Food Art & art print are where I can pour all of my creative energy and I become who I am. It balances my soul & mind in this hectic life.


Food & creativity are always in my career life in Indonesia, Philippines and the Netherlands. 

With food, I always had catering business in every countries I have lived.

With creativity, I begin to be a food artist since 2015 when we moved in the Netherlands. 

With those passion, I combine it with my other expertises in conducting team building workshop.

My workshop is about you & your team & the story behind which I wrap it up in personal & fun engagement method based on my skill as psyschologist. 

Because I believe that there is no one concept on team building workshop, everyone has their own characteristic and I combine it with food art. 

People, food & creativity are the main ingredients in our life. Do you agree?

I hope you do, if not, let me know! We can stay in contact or follow my instagram @sekarfoodart

Unique Food Art Prints Zwolle

Sekar Food Art is a total unique & personal food art prints (in Nederland)!

Think of the food art like artworks that come from any basic ingredients you have in the fridge.

We can even use your favourite ingredients. It is your choice to tell your story from the beginning of the process to the final artwork.

If you’ve made it this far, Thank You!

I hope this is the beginning of our story together in making great artworks.

It will be so delightful to hear from you.

Simply say hello on Instagram or drop me an email: contact@sekarnareswari.com