Customized Art Workshop for you, your kids or together with your colleagues or your friends!

Customized Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

You will use your favorite fresh food ingredients in your personalized food art workshop.

Fresh means, like fruits, vegetables, leaves and edible flowers.

No advance skill needed.

Your imagination is a must needed. A fun & joyful vibe are always welcomed to this art workshop.

This workshop is for kids & adults. 

You can do it together. 

But first, maybe best to check what type of customized art workshop that fits you. 

Check the quiz below.

What Type of Workshop fits you?


A big group workshop isn't for everyone, and some people don't enjoy a smaller, more intimate group. Take this fun quiz to see which workshop best relates to your interests and character. Find out by taking this quiz: it's just three questions, and no personal details will be asked.


So, done with the quiz?

You have a glimpse of idea what type of art workshop that fits you?

Ok, don’t stop here.

Check first what others say about my workshop. Perhaps it will give you more excitement..

Frank Borman

Exploration is really the essence of human spirit

For our team event we did a digital workshop Food Art with Sekar. It was a great session, were Sekar was presenting and learning us the skills on Food Art as well as Storytelling.

We had a great time, with lots of fun and interaction and with great Food Art plates as a result. Thank you Sekar!


Global Marketing Manager, Friesland Campina Ingredients The Netherlands

During our recent team event, we were thinking how to combine food, marketing and interactive program together and ‘Food Art with Sekar’ really fit the bill.

Despite being an online session, it was fun and engaging, Sekar was very friendly and energetic.

The instruction videos were really clear and easy to understand especially for food art beginner like me 🙂

Also really liked how she customised the program to our team. Highly recommended for a fun interactive team building session!


Market Segment Manager , Friesland Campina Ingredients Singapore

Wait, do we know each other yet? If not…

Your food art in this customized workshop come from any basic ingredients you have in the fridge.

They can even be your favourite ingredients.

I am sure now you want to know about the price, the location, the time, the details, right?

Customized Team Building Workshop Gallery

Examples of clients’ food art

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland
Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland
Windmill Food Art Zwolle Nederland
Oyster Food Art Workshop
The Earth Food Art Workshop
Flowers from carrots and other vegetables
Tree Food Art
Pumpkin for food art
Sinterklaas food art
Flowers from strawberries


I will come to wherever you want me to be.

Online workshop is also perfect if you and your best friends are apart around the globe.



It can be for one hour to 1,5 hour. Short, fun, memorable! 


You will get a digital version of your food art. It can be a collage of everyone’s art or it can be individually. 


Online workshop will have the same value but it will have a different ambient.

A big group of 25 in-person workshop has different atmosphere than A big group of 75 people online customized art workshop.

A small group of 4 adults and a small group of 6 kids get different type of attention and module.

A corporate team building training and a family reunion event aren’t having the same methode.

I value all of your request for Customized Art Workshop. 

Customized Online Team Building Activity