Food Art Workshop


Why try Sekar’s Team Building Workshop?


It’s fun, engaging and personalised.

Its an opportunity to share your ideas and your story.

It’s a way for you to express your big plan: together we will create a custom and enjoyable food art workshop for you and your team!

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

What Type of Workshop fits you?


A big group workshop isn't for everyone, and some people don't enjoy a smaller, more intimate group. Take this fun quiz to see which workshop best relates to your interests and character. Find out by taking this quiz: it's just three questions, and no personal details will be asked.


By combining my expertise as a psychologist with my skill in food art, I am excited to deliver a fully customized food art workshop for you.

Some people may use drawing, paintball, dancing or even karaoke for their team-building activities or coaching. I use food art as my medium to create a deeper connection between you and your team.

I help you express yourself through food art. Sekar Food Art helps create customized workshops for commercial purposes as well as personal celebrations. I do personalized order too!

Customized Online Team Building Activity

Frank Borman

Exploration is really the essence of human spirit

For our team event we did a digital workshop Food Art with Sekar. It was a great session, were Sekar was presenting and learning us the skills on Food Art as well as Storytelling.

We had a great time, with lots of fun and interaction and with great Food Art plates as a result. Thank you Sekar!


Global Marketing Manager, Friesland Campina Ingredients The Netherlands

During our recent team event, we were thinking how to combine food, marketing and interactive program together and ‘Food Art with Sekar’ really fit the bill.

Despite being an online session, it was fun and engaging, Sekar was very friendly and energetic.

The instruction videos were really clear and easy to understand especially for food art beginner like me 🙂

Also really liked how she customised the program to our team. Highly recommended for a fun interactive team building session!


Market Segment Manager , Friesland Campina Ingredients Singapore

Customized Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop

  • Fully Customized
  • Fun & Engaging
  • 8 people €30/person
  • 60 minutes
  • Food Art Collage (digital version)

First Intake needed. We discuss themes prior to beginning the workshop.

Examples of themes:

  1. Tour Around The World Team Building Event in which everyone makes their food art by using their unique ingredients from their own country/ culture.
  2. Social Media Engagement Theme: You create your food art based on your life’s story. Together, we make a captivating caption and post your creations on social media. Let’s see how many likes you can get! The more likes you get, the greater the chance of your becoming the ‘Workshop Winner’.

Perfect for:

Fun,  Relaxing and Engaging Team Building Activities

Small Group Workshop

  • Fully Customized
  • Fun & Engaging
  • €250 euro for max 4 people
  • 75 minutes
  • Includes personality test to discover to match the food art with your character
  • Focus Group Dynamic for a deeper bonding with your peers
  • Casual sharing and assessment to elevate relationships
  • Food Art Collage (digital version)

First Intake needed. We do the assessments prior to beginning the workshop.

Perfect for:

Close colleagues and friends wanting to create a deeper understanding of each other and elevate their relationships using professional psychological assessments.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland
Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

Individual Character Workshop

  • Fully Customized
  • Fun & Engaging
  • This private workshop is a way for you to become more focused on yourself, your goals and the steps needed to reach them.
  • Casual sharing with a focus personal goal interview
  • Making food art in a creative, relaxed environment that resonates with your goals.
  • Chats with a registered psychologist (me!)
  • You will receive your final food art print either on printing paper or on porcelain plate. This acts as a reminder of your goals and dedication to reaching them
  • €250
  • 75 minutes

First intake needed.

Perfect for:

Those needing some self-care and goal realignment. Goals focus on business, relationships or life in general. On top of a psychology character analysis, you also get additional learning on advance food art making.

Kid’s Fun Food Art Workshop

  • Fully Customized
  • Fun & Engaging
  • Children aged 12 or below
  • Minimum 6 children
  • €20/ child
  • 60 minutes
  • Food Art Collage (digital version)

First intake needed.


You can create your own theme, for example:

1. Birthday Party: Everyone can make a special food art that symbolizes their friendship to the one celebrating his/her birthday.
2. Friendship: Food art that shows happy moment with your friends, or creations showing inside jokes or fridndship symbols.
3. Story Telling: Your food art is based on a dream, your favourite fairy-tale or comic book character.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

Your artworks come from any basic ingredients you have in the fridge. They can even be your favourite ingredients.

After I have received your order,

I will make contact, and we will discuss your big plan. Once you have paid and we have decided on your specific workshop and theme, I will discuss in detail the module, the location, and the workshop’s time.

Once we agree on the admin, I will proceed to design your food art workshop.

This experience will be an extraordinary workshop reflecting your story.

I look forward to hearing from you.



Payment & Conditions

After our first intake, you will receive an invoice from me which has to be paid prior to the food art-making. 

You are required to pay a down payment 50% of the total cost. This amount is not refundable due to the timeline that I am specially scheduled for you and the material I prepare.

Cancellation can be made a week before the workshop day upon agreement but the down payment is not refundable.

Customized Team Building Workshop Gallery

Examples of clients’ food art

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland
Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland
Windmill Food Art Zwolle Nederland
Oyster Food Art Workshop
The Earth Food Art Workshop
Flowers from carrots and other vegetables
Tree Food Art
Pumpkin for food art
Sinterklaas food art
Flowers from strawberries