Easy Food Art Tutorial for you all!

I love this easy food art because I can make it with any ingredients I have in the fridge. This food art is using basic and simple ingredients such bread, carrots, cucumber, tomatoes and chocolate sticks. We can replace the chocolate sticks with the bread crust.

The kids will love this robot food art. We love the fact that we can eat it together! So, no wasted ingredients.

But, there is a tricky thing in making food art. We want to make an art that is pleasing the eyes and the taste buds.

We forget the important thing. It should not be complicated.

Why complicated?

Sometimes, we focus on the design and we start buying more ingredients to match with our design. We get the idea from social media then we want to imitate exactly the same. Unfortunately, we don’t have the same ingredients. So, we buy new ingredients.

If our ingredients are what we need for our meal planning then it is ok. What if it is not?

We will get overwhelmed and our ingredients won’t be used.

We don’t want that happen. We want to optimize what we have in our fridge. It’s easy to manage and easy to our budget too.

Food Art is like art and craft but using food as material. There only three type of ingredients for food art:

  1. Vegetables
  2. Fruits
  3. Bread, Pasta or Potatoes.

Basically, we always have those three ingredients. So, we are always good to go to make food art.


Here is Easy Food Art Tutorial!

It’s quick too! We can make it in between our busy working schedules and house responsibilities. Our kids can make it too if they are used with knife, scissors and cutting.

It won’t be messy too because we don’t use much ingredients. Win-win solution for parents and for our kids!



How is it?

It’s fun and easy food art, right! I hope you enjoy this Easy Food Art Tutorial!

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Now we know how to make an easy food art, it’s time to make it!

Share with us your result,

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I will be so happy sharing your food art story!

Drop me a comment or message if you want to know more about food art. I will be happy to share with you.

Happy to know you,


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Sekar Nareswari

The creative head of Sekar Food Art & Workshop. She is  mastering her food art's skill & coaching in The Netherlands, Philippines & Indonesia. Her friends describe her as a very energetic and creative person, her family sees her as a very expressive and extrovert person. Food Art & Workshop is her outlet to express her creativity, to boost her energy and to share her passion with others. She is currently living in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Connect with Sekar on Instagram.

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