Food Artist, Psychologist…and quirky creative.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

I am a:

Psychologist who specialized in team-building training using personality trait assessments.

Food Artist who uses sustainable food to make creative, unique and fun designs.

Combining these passions resulted in Sekar’s Food Art Workshop– a fun space where teams and individuals can explore their creativity using food to tell their story.

I have been living around the world for quite a while, so celebrating diverse cultures and people is important to me. I have lived in Singapore, Australia, Philippines, and been back and forth to The Netherlands.

To make a long story short, people, their stories and their dynamic have always captivated and motivated me.

For years I have been searching for the right outlet that combines my knowledge, skill and life experiences.

Finally, I decided on a personal food art workshop offfering custom food art and using real ingredients that come from your home and your heart.

Food Art Workshop Zwolle Nederland

Imagine Sekar’a Food Art Workshop as a cooking workshop minus the stove or a painting workshop minus the paintbrush.

Think of the food art like artworks that come from any basic ingredients you have in the fridge. We can even use your favourite ingredients. It is your choice to tell your story from the beginning of the process to the final artwork.

If you’ve made it this far, Thank You!

I hope this is the beginning of our story together in making great artworks.

It will be so delightful to hear from you.

Simply say hello on Instagram or drop me an email: