Is it possible to make easy fun food art for kids?

It’s possible.

But, first…

What is Food Art?

We see them, we like them but what is food art?

Food Art can come in many different shapes but in general, it is about presenting food in a creative way. It’s an edible artwork. Whether we cook it or we craft it or both. It doesn’t matter how we do it, what matters it is how we present the food art. It will please the eyes and the taste buds. We can use so many ingredients to create food art.

With the ingredients we use,

we can introduce new food to our kids too!

“Playing with your food by creating food art is a great way to introduce healthy foods in a fun and interactive way”

source: Action health for kids

Easy and Fun Food Art is a great way to introduce food to our kids.

Food Art for kids makes mealtime fun. Kids will be happy to enjoy and even more enjoyable if they join the process.

But most of the time, we don’t have time for that.

We have full time job, still have to coordinate many things at works, and we just want to have quick & easy time at home. The image of making food art is messy and giving us more works. The preparing and the cleaning are not in our favor.

Modern Family:

Average Parent Spends Just 5 Hours Face-To-Face With Their Kids Per Week!

That’s definitely not sufficient time to spend with our kids.

But then again, what if we have very busy schedules? We can go for quality over quantity!

In our very short time, we can make a very memorable activities. It is a win-win solution.

That’s when…

FUN FOOD ART FOR KIDS is the solution!

Here we go,

5 Easy Fun Food Arts

These five food arts are easy and not messy at all. Using left over and no wasted ingredients. We can eat it right away as a afternoon snack or we can use the ingredients to cook our meal. The spaghetti can be used right away and we can use the parsley leaves too. The vegetables and the fruits can be eaten right away or we can put in our cooking. We are all happy! Win-win solution.

Rich result in google for fun food art for kids tree


This tree was really my first food art. It’s basically the crust of the breads, strawberries radish, mango, zucchini & parsley leaf. I used the zucchini, radish and the leaf for cooking afterwards and the rest we ate it just right after I was done taking picture. We always have leafy vegetables, breads & cucumber or zucchini in our fridge. So, this food art is definitely easy to make. Also, it is not much cutting needed, not much mess happened and we can always use the ingredients afterward. Win-win solution.

Easy Fun Food Art for kids from tomatoes


This tomatoes balloon is very easy to make. If your kids love tomatoes, this will make them smile so big. But if they don’t like tomatoes, there is no worries at all. We can simply use any vegetables or fruits that has round shape. Grapes, berries, oranges are a great substitute. I cut the tomatoes into half so it can stick nicely on the plate. The more tomatoes the merrier the balloon look like. This easy fun food art definitely doesn’t need many ingredients and super easy to make.

food art for kids


The berries heart is one of my kids favorite. Once I am done making this, they just jumped in & finished it very fast. It’s doesn’t matter what fruits in there, as long as you arrange it in the heart shape on the plate, it will turn great. It is not limited into heart shape only. The moon and the sun are also very easy to make.

Easy Fun Food Art from bread that shape like robot


This robot food art is one of my kids highlight of the day! Robot is also one of the easiest characters to make. It has square shape! We don’t have to worry about cutting things in round shape. Kids can help with decorate the robot. We can decorate it with any ingredients we have in the fridge like cucumber, tomatoes, chocolate sprinkles, carrot, broccoli, and many other things. It’s super quick to make too.

Ship food art for kids that made from bell pepper


This bell pepper ship is also a great way to introduce bell pepper to our kids. They were not really into bell pepper but slowly they changed their preference because I made a lot of food art with bell peppers. They love it because it’s crunchy and fresh! Bell peppers are great for easy fun food art. It has bright colors that add the fun on the plate. The texture is also smooth and easy to cut.

Those are 5 examples of easy fun food art for kids.

My kids were very young that time, 3 & 1 years old. But now, they are 8 and 6 years old and they can make this simple food art by themselves. You can change the ingredients based on what you have at home & shape it like the way you want it.

You can simply check my Instagram for more ideas or just click on my gallery page 

If you are still not sure how to make it, you can download 101 Food Art Guide that I made specially for you. 

Share with me your result or simply tag me @sekarfoodart or send me your food art picture to

I will be so happy sharing your food art story! Have fun and have a nice moment with family!

Happy to know you,

Food Art Zwolle

Sekar Nareswari

The creative head of Sekar Food Art & Workshop. She is  mastering her food art's skill & coaching in The Netherlands, Philippines & Indonesia. Her friends describe her as a very energetic and creative person, her family sees her as a very expressive and extrovert person. Food Art & Workshop is her outlet to express her creativity, to boost her energy and to share her passion with others. She is currently living in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Connect with Sekar on Instagram.

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