Why Personalized Gift?

It’s a priceless moment for the recipient when she/he opens the gift and it’s made specially for her/him. That’s exactly the reason we choose personalized gift as a present. The thought behind the gift is really matter, “This gift is specially made for me”. It is no longer about how much is the gift, how big or how luxurious. It’s showing how special our relationship with the receiver.

Personalized gift goes right to the heart. Relationship is the basic value when we decide to give a personalized gift. That’s a lovely thought from both sides, the recipient and us.

According to BBC, on their site :

“In the UK, the average household spends around £500 on gifts during the traditional holiday season, equaling American who spend about $650. And although giving gifts can make you happy communicate your feelings toward the receiver and even strengthen relationships a less-than-stellar gift can have the opposite effect”

…and there is more interesting data to show. According to Inktale.com 

What’s more, people admit that they would be likely to keep a personalized gift longer than they would a non-personalized gift. Moreover, the chances of seeing someone with the same exact item is considerably less. 

Interesting fact, right. People tend to keep their personalized gift. That’s why nowadays, the spending power for personalized gift is increasing.

Earlier this year there was some useful research from Deliotteon the continued growth of the sales of personalised products but this YouGov survey carried out for PhotoBox helps confirm that the market in the UK alone is now worth over £1 Billion

There were a couple of other really key findings

  • More than one in two adults had personalised a gift during the last year,
  • The average spend is now £36.50
  • The age group most likely to buy personalised gifts are those aged between 35 and 44.  
  • At £1 Billion in sales this market is now equal to that for promotional products

Source: custom-gateway.co.uk

Indeed, personalized gift takes more time. But most of the time, we don’t have that spare time. Especially when we have a very busy schedule.

But what if we still want to give a personalized gift?

First, let’s take a look closely of these 3 types of personalized gifts personalized gifts.


3 Types of Personalized Gifts:

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1.Handmade craft and art by us

We decide to give a present that’s entirely made by us. This is one surely will touch anyone’s heart. Even the smallest handmade present will make the recipient smile. Remember when our kid gave us his/her drawing to you with “I love you Mommy” in the middle of the paper? The effort, the time and the love we put makes the gift priceless. Indeed, this takes our time especially when we have a busy working schedule. But even a smallest gesture will give emotional impact to the recipient.

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2. Sending picture or words and ask digital print to put it on a merchandise

This option has plenty of options. A lot of digital printing company offers these services. It doesn’t wash up our time. We can just simply choose one of the pictures in our phone and send it to them. It’s a very convenient choice when we want to give personalized gift but we don’t have the time to make it ourselves.

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3.Sending ideas or picture and someone make entirely handmade craft from scratch to you.

Why don’t we combine both options above? How about personalized gift that is made specially based on our story?  It is a win-win solution for personalized gifts. We don’t have time to make ourselves but we want to have a special gift that is made from scratch. Especially made for us and no one has it, except for the recipient.

Those are 3 types personalized gifts that are easily accessible in any occasion. Which type is best for you? All types are the best option. It depends on the wishes, time, effort and budget too. But one thing for sure that personalized gift will give memorable emotion to the recipient and as well for us too.

Any special occasion in the upcoming weeks or months? Is there someone special in your mind now?

Send her/him a personalized gift to thank them to be in your life.

Hope this article helps you in finding personalized gifts for someone special.

Happy to know you,

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Sekar Nareswari

The creative head of Sekar Food Art & Workshop. She is  mastering her food art's skill & coaching in The Netherlands, Philippines & Indonesia. Her friends describe her as a very energetic and creative person, her family sees her as a very expressive and extrovert person. Food Art & Workshop is her outlet to express her creativity, to boost her energy and to share her passion with others. She is currently living in Zwolle, The Netherlands. Connect with Sekar on Instagram.

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