“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see”

-Edgar Degas-

I work together with Sekar during Pandemic, that makes us working thru details for Pocky Puzzle ID without any physical meeting, not to mention that she lived in the Philippines then moved to the Netherlands; while I live and work in Jakarta.

However, that’s not a barrier, Sekar was quick to understand the brief and her food arts answered what client wants. She does her arts with heart, and you can see it from the result. Plus my communication with her was flawless, it was easy to talk to her like I’ve known her for a while. Not every person has that instant friendly-ness in them. It was great to know her and I hope to meet her again in other projects!


Account Lead, CAB Creative+Technology, Indonesia


I met Sekar during my life in Manila, Philippines and enjoyed the companion of her enthusiastic personality on many occasions. Her Food Art Workshop was full of good mood and beneficial tips how to create simply food art to motivate kids to healthy eating. We all finally participated in group competition of creating our own food art plates and I must say we enjoyed every minute of it to the full!


Fellow Expat in Philippines, Currently living in Prague

For our team event we did a digital workshop Food Art with Sekar. It was a great session, were Sekar was presenting and learning us the skills on Food Art as well as Storytelling.

We had a great time, with lots of fun and interaction and with great Food Art plates as a result. Thank you Sekar!

Loes Snijder

F&B Marketing , Friesland Campina the Netherlands

Sekar is a person full of positive energy! She is someone you want to hang around with if you are having a bad day, that’s for sure 🙂 She is an artist in her own write and makes the magic happen in the kitchen!  A strong woman in all aspects! Take time to get to know this lady! Oh, and one more thing — as we Filipinas say: “She’s got FASHOWWWN!” (AKA FASHION)”

Tina Baron

Founder, Buhay Retreat - Philippines

Sekar has a unique talent, and it is wonderful that she shares it with us. Not only did she create wonderful food art of me, she was warm, quick to respond, and worked with me to get my “portrait” just right.

Michelline Suarez

Phil Star, Columnist

I am absolutely love how identical yet beautiful the food art look to me. It’s hard to believe that some of them are made with items commonly found in the fridge. Also the print result is great.


Designer, S.Y. Design Indonesia

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