What is Earth Flag?

EarthStore is part of EarthFlag Store, whose mission is to gain global recognition of the EarthFlag by all inhabitants of Earth and all organizations.

We strongly believe, that the EarthFlag helps humanity to unite in its responsibility to take care of each other and the planet we live on.

In a world full of chaos, separation and destruction, we need a symbol to unite humanity and finally take action to prevent the destruction of planet Earth.

Earth Flag Store Amsterdam

The EarthFlag’s design was inspired by the cosmos and planet Earth.

In a universe where everything is connected, ‘life’ is the one attribute that makes Earth unique.

The rights to EarthFlag’s design have been explicitly granted to the commons by its creators.

It can be used without any limitation by any-body and claimed by no-body.

The seed of life which figures the center of the flag, is an ancient symbol that can be found in the past, the present, and the future of all cultures around the world.

It is found in the center of the flower of life. An entire cosmology of consciousness lies encoded in this ancient geometric pattern.

Besides the deep mathematical relation with life itself, the seed of life has a mayor symbolic value to many cultures around the globe.

The Earth Blue color represents the 29% land (green) and 71% water (blue) composition of the Earth’s surface, coded into the RGB color code as 0,74,181.

Blue is also associated with unity, trust and peace which makes it the perfect color for the flag.

Its Material

Our flags are made out of 100% recycled PET bottles to reduce as much as possible ocean waste.

Currently we are transitioning to hemp, which is the most sustainable alternative on the market. Our packaging is plastic free, we rely on bio-degradable material that do not release any toxic into the soil.

We are trying as much as possible to reduce any ecological footprint and preserve Earth.

Earth Flag on Journey

Earth Flag store Amsterdam

The EarthFlag itself has been on various journeys to spread unity and sustainability all around the globe.

Its biggest achievement the planting of the flag on the North Pole. In 2018, 22-person crew joined the “Expedition to the Edge” and embarked on the Northwest Passage as a mission to spread unity around the globe.

On September 21st, also known as the International Day of Peace,the crew made it through the dangerous glaciers and planted the EarthFlag on the North Pole.

It was an inspiring moment and a milestone in history

The EarthFlag will join in future even more journeys and tell a more inspiring story as the flag grows and gains recognition.

Earth Flag Collaborations

We also work together with organizations such as EarthFlag Foundation and EarthToday who help us voluntarily to spread the flag and its message so we can strive faster towards our goal.

On EarthToday offers an initiative to accelerate nature protection and you can even plant your own virtual EarthFlag on your protected square meter.

Please don’t hesitate to visit us at www.earthflag.store

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